Introducing Web Stuff and Other Issues

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Introducing Web Stuff and Other Issues

I decided to set up a specific place for discussing the information revolution we are now living. The most prominent feature of this revolution is the Internet. There are two very big problems, though:

1. A lot of the information is understandable by geeks only,

2. With Web 2.0 exploding, there is a daily deluge of new programs and opportunities—and you have to learn them if you want to use them.

In the last few months, I embarked on self-education in Internet things. I now consider myself a semi-educated beginner. But... I am also like a child in a candy shop. What I am seeing everyday is exciting me like little else. What a wonderful time to be alive!

I want to share this feeling and outlook with OL members, most of whom are not geeks. You will find that many Web 2.0 applications are very user-friendly. It may be overwhelming at first, but careful attention when learning the first few makes it really easy to start detecting patterns, so it all gets easier.

I will try to post some of the simpler and more objective material as I come across it. There is a lot of uneven content out there, but there are some real gems that make it all make sense in terms that newbies can understand and not be boring for the more learned. This is the kind of material I will be seeking and posting.

I hope you enjoy this section. Feel free to contribue and may we all learn during these exciting times. After all, we are witness to one of the most important revolutions in human history. It would be a shame to miss it because we could not find someone to explain it in terms we can understand.


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