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Michael Stuart Kelly

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If anyone is interested in understanding (by seeing up close) the subversive mentality that permeated the Hippy movement when Rand was alive, you can now obtain an online copy of

Steal This Book

by Abbie Hoffman

It is all on a single html page, so you can copy/paste it into a Word document or other word processor, or print it directly. For me, the Word document was 139 pages after copy/pasting.

This book came out in the early 70's. It is great companion reading for anyone going through Rand's The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution (now published as The Return of the Primitive with essays added by Peter Schwartz that were not authorized by Rand).

Hoffman gives techniques for shoplifting, hitchiking, growing weed, making pipe bombs, communes, etc. Sometimes there is some good advice, but this is also a manual on how to be a first-class sleaze dressed up in Hippy garb.


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