Ashes and Snow, Gregory Colbert


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I went and saw this exhibit in Santa Monica pier on Mother's Day. It was fantastic and very calming, but also had a lot of substance. It was also non-religious, even though it looked like it was. My favorite ones are the ones in the water. I couldn't take pictures inside the exhibit, but I did take one while waiting in line:


"What matters is not written on the page. What matters is written on the heart."

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We just saw the movie the other night. Very beautiful and mesmerizing. Though the voice-overs were pure mysticism.

I couldn't hear what was being said at all, there were so many people around. I liked what few text I found at the website. Otherwise I have a deep appreciation for the film and photography--- that stuff is hard to do, especially with animals involved, and the timing, etc. So I am seeing this from a background perspective too.

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