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I just added Roget's Interactive Thesaurus. Thanks.

I also just added a couple of links dealing with logical fallacies, as a study of this is fundamental to good writing:

Logic & Fallacies: Constructing a Logical Argument

Fallacies (This one is not on a site devoted to writing, but to Holocaust victims instead.)


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It has been over 3 years since I stopped translating so I could concentrate on writing, so I have kept a distance from advances in the field. I just now came across a site I want to archive here for the future when I will need translations, not do them:

Word2Word Language Resources

On looking over several sections, there is an impressive number of high-quality links. Not all of them are translation oriented and I am sure writers will find something of value. Here is a list of the sections on the site:

Online Dictionaries and Translators

Free Online Language Courses

Free Online Translation Services

Language Chat Sites

Word2Word Forum

Language Communities

Meetup Language Groups

Forums For Translators

RealAudio Language Stations

Language Specific Searches

Internet Language Software

Machine Translation Software

Free Language Software

Portable Translation Systems

Alphabets Of The World

How To Say ???

What's in a Name?

Language Transliteration Systems

Typing Foreign Characters

Monolingual Dictionaries

English As A Second Language

English Language Dictionaries

Language Blogs

Language Learning Podcast

Educational Language Software

Software Localization Companies

Language Schools Abroad

Virtual Language Schools

Degree Programs in Translation

Word2Word Translators Search

Word2Word Translators Registry

Translators Registries Online

Language Translation Associations

Tools For Translators

Technical Writing Resources

Language Related Newsgroups

Word2Word Writing Archive

Foreign Language Newspapers

Poetry Through Language


Word Games

Accents and Silly Translators

Word Etymology Resources

Ancient Language Resources

Voice Recognition & Speech Synthesis

Language Recognition Systems

Language Magazines & NewsLetters

Printed Language Resources

Slang and Colloquialisms

Additional Language Resources

Our Awards and Accolades

How To Contact Us

I admit, I am impressed.


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