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Online Writing Courses

Over on the Freelance Writing Jobs blog, Deb, the owner, just made a most interesting post as a reference:

20 Places to Find Online Courses for Writers

Just in case her blog ever goes down, here is the list from her post:

1. Writers Online Workshops - Presented by Writer's Digest, Writer's Online Workshops offer courses for writers of all levels. Courses include basic grammar, form and creativity, getting started in writing, fundamentals of various niches, query letters, book proposals and so much more. Courses aren't cheap some run to $300 or more, but they're all worth it.

2. Gotham Writer's Workshop - Just about every New Yorker knows about the Gotham Writers Workshop, and now classes are available online as well, but act now because they fill up quickly. Prices aren't discounted just because they're online, however. Courses can run to $500.

3. -Classes - Again, kind of pricey, but a good variety of classes for all levels and niches.

4. Writers Village University - The prices here are a little more reasonable. A Yearly membership is $69, or you can pay $11 a month if you prefer to pay as you go. There are over 250 writing courses available and you're welcome to take as many as you like for that fee.

5. Distance Learning offers a listing of free online writing courses.

6. Write 101 Offers free online writing tips and tutorials.

7. Ringer's Secret School of Writing - I don't know much about Ringer's but it's rather reasonable compared to some of the others, $65 gets you one semester. [MSK - The link was missing in the original article, so here it is: Ringer's Secret School of Writing.]

8. Writers College - Offers a variety of courses at a variety of prices. Courses run from one week to six or eight weeks and costs upwards of $35 per course.

9. Absolute Write University - A name many of us are familiar with, Absolute Write also offers online courses. They also offer a flexible payment plan and personal attention from your instructor. The courses I see range in price from $175 - $250.

10. Coffee House for Writers - Another respected name offering courses for writers. Courses last for several weeks and average about $80.00.

11. Suite 101 - Suite 101 offers a variety of general interest courses at no cost, including some writing courses.

12. Grammar and More - Currently offering a free course entitled, "Make Your Voice Heard and Express Your Ideas Effectively."

13. Free or Affordable Classes - Lists several writing courses.

14. Storymind at the Writer's Channel - Allows you to play free e-courses or download them at a cost.

15. Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy offers a free online course.

16. Inter-Biotec offers a free Biomedical writing course.

17. Online English Grammar is a free online reference and guide for English grammar, writing, punctuation and more.

18. Writer's Helper - Free courses for writers.

19. - Free online writing courses.

20. Writer 2 Writer offers several courses for writers.

If anyone REALLY wants to become a writer and has a computer with Internet, he has wonderful opportunities here. A writer wannabe certainly cannot say he is not writing for lack of instruction.


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