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I want to thank Jordan for his notes about PARC, they've been quite revealing. Based on what I'd read in all the discussions about that book on the different Objectivist forums I had no great expectations of it, but I'd never expected to be that bad. No review can be as damning as these quotes are. There were so many enthusiastic comments from the randroids who found it so convincing, that I thought that it would, even if heavily biased, at least be cleverly written, but reading all those quotes I can only conclude that it's blatantly bad. Perhaps Valliant may convince with such arguments a jury with an average IQ of 80, but I can't imagine that any intelligent person can fall for this tripe, it's all so obvious what he's doing. I wonder what all those admirers did with their brains, they seem to live in some self-created fantasy world, I can only explain it as some folie à plusieurs. Objectivism can be dangerous to your mental health.

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I just read Jordan's db yesterday.

That is straight-up and sensible, and point-by-point. I don't expect any cogent answers from James Valliant- I see very little possibility of a convincing reply other than one that would work for those freshly jumped off the turnip truck. It might be smarter to say nothing.

There is one possibility, it would go something like this:

"Have you read PARC?" (followed by more rhetoric about context).

I still contend that the purpose of this book had very little to do with vindicating or restoring the good name of AR. It's about James Valliant wanting to put James Valliant on the map. To that extent he got a little somewhere in the microcosm, and he found some new playmates to loose-cadre with. On the macro, it was pissing in the ocean.

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