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MIKE WALLACE'S 1959 Interview of Ayn Rand

In three parts:

I believe that he did a good job of asking her questions to bring out her ideas. She did a great job of handling them.

At the end, Wallace asked about changing American and the world and she said that a new lecture series in New York received 600 inquiries. What number would you attach now? 6 million?

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There are more Ayn Rand stuff on Youtube.

Mike Donahue Interview with Rand (not sure year, believe it was the second interview he did)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Brief Ayn Rand interview:

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I thought the Atlas Society sold them.

Not as a DVD, and not as a single DVD.

TAS's bookstore is offline right now, but ARI has 3 videos available with the Mike Wallace, Phil Donahue (2 of them) and Tom Snyder interviews. (I know LFB used to have them as well, but I didn't see them listed).

I'd like to see them available on a single DVD for a reasonable cost (not the $30-60 per video).

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This was a series and many You Tube excerpts are online. Search for the title (Commanding Heights) and follow the links.

James J. Hill: Empire Builder

"... you had to get the best steel you could find... he didn't have the money, no one did, but they trusted him ..."

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