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You can customize which boxes go down the right side of your blog or add new custom content blocks in your blog. For example, you would like to show a list of some of your favorite blogs with live links. Here is how it is done:

1. Click the "Content Blocks" button and select "Add custom content block" from the drop down menu

2. Give it a title. This will go in the header bar of the box

3. Type whatever you want in the box. It is much like creating a new topic in the forum. You can format your text and make links, etc.

In the case of links, do this:

[url=]Chris Sciabarra's Notablog[/url]
[url=]The Bidinotto Blog[/url]

You now have clickable links from your blog to your other favorite blogs.

BTW - If you currently have a blog hosted on another site, you can easily add a direct link to our Blog list by activating blog in your control panel and typing in the url to your site. If you need help getting the link to work, please send me the url and I will take a look.

Thanks and happy bloggin'


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