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Tom Snyder died yesterday. He was 71. He had a late night talk show for several years and interviewed people.

One of the people he interviewed was Ayn Rand. The reason for the interview was the publications of "Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology".;.

I never seen the interview but I have been told it was one of the better ones done with Miss Rand.

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I think Tom Snyder was one of the best interviewers ever on TV. He was tough, but he was fair. His interview with Rand was one of his -- and her -- finest. It was fascinating to see these two normally abrasive people, with little or nothing philosophically in common, warm to each other, to the point that the interview ended with Snyder saying, "God bless you" -- and Rand replying, "Thank you."

A major disappointment for me was that he retired two days before he was to have interviewed me when Passion was published. (I hope there was no connectiom between the two events.)


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I loved Snyder's talk radio program, late night, before the UFO conspiracists took over the airwaves "Coast to Coast."

Snyder brought such a gemuetlich sense of civility to his show, so even if you disagreed with him, you understood it was not personal. He had *conversations,* not gotcha sessions, as Medved and Hannity have.

He was like Larry King, but without the non-sequiturs.

Dennis Prager reminds me a lot of him, in tenor and tone.

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