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~ Obsession with an autobiographical (and, not quite finished) book given by his wife; the book's writer obsessed with the number as well as with a rage-filled really vicious murder done years earlier; a question about the nature of the incarcerated murderer; numerology paranoia; and, a not-quite 'supernatural' dog.

~ Self-discovery, self-castigation, near self-immolation, self-redemption...and, oh yes...obsession; not to mention a hint or two of questions about pre-determined 'destiny' vs 'free-will'!

~ Jim Carrey? Who'd'a thunk he'd make the crossover into heavy drama like Williams did? His 'low-key' voice-over narration was...as fabulous as his acting here. He's now a 'heavy-weight' in actordom.



PS: Expect, of course, a 'twist' ending, of sorts; regardless, did I mention that the movie was...fascinating?

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