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~ I'll not summarize the movie here, but instead point out that story (and partial-plot) wise, it's a cross amongst the old E.T., the older D.A.R.Y.L. and what AI wanted to be.

~ Carroll's 'white rabbit' (2nd movie that ref's been in!) jumped into that hole of 'Wonderland', if you remember? In this story, that hole leads to our...present; and to a 6-7 yr-old Emma ('Alice'?) with a smart older brother. Their playing with/via 'Mimzy' leads to Home Security using the Patriot Act to 'take over' the family. That's just the (though slow getting there) starter. Keep in mind though, what 'mimsy/Mimzy'' rhymes with. :)

~ If you liked any of the mentioned movies, I think you'll really like this. I did.

(Be prepared for product placement of Sprite and Intel.)



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