Objectivist Living Posting Guidelines and Legal Notice

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Objectivist Living Posting Guidelines and Legal Notice

Posting Guidelines

1. Objectivist Living is a community of people with shared interests, people who are mainly interested in discussing Objectivism from all aspects (including checking basic premises from time to time), the Brandens, fine arts and creating works. Members also present articles and links to their own activities and items they find interesting to share. Thus the tenor is slanted toward understanding, discussion and sometimes education, not preaching or conversion.

2. The practice of good manners is a value sought and encouraged on this forum. Obnoxious and offensive behavior is not welcome. Excessive profanity, trash talk, bigoted remarks and such should be avoided. Should members start insulting each other (flame wars), the site owners will take discreet measures to resolve the issue. If this fails, harsher measures will be used. This should not be seen as a harness on anyone’s intellectual ideas and expression. It is merely a standard for behavior between posters and the bar is fairly high on this forum.

3. As Internet copyright laws are often vague (as of this writing) between what the law states and its application, we request users to use common sense in posting materials that might be copyrighted. If possible and when in doubt, posters should request permission from the owner first. Our intent is not to infringe the law and any material posted that blatantly infringes USA copyright law will be removed. (See Statement of Policy about Plagiary and Copyright Infringement.)

4. The site owners, at their discretion, may delete offensive or improper posts or parts of them, including links. Also, posts and threads may be moved on this forum from one place to another as new sections open up or if a topic is found to be more suited to a different section. Site owners and moderators may also edit posts to correct issues such as font size, typos, spelling errors, broken links, or other minor formatting issues, just as a matter of housekeeping, although it is not their responsibility to proofread or correct errors in your work.

5. The site owners, at their own discretion, may remove members that appear to be autogenerated internet robots ("bots") or members who join in order to add a link to sites which are spamlike, offensive or inappropriate for family viewing and have no interest in discussing or reading about Ayn Rand or Objectivism. Specifically, we don't want people joining OL to promote sites with warez, gambling, sex, drugs, get rich quick schemes, or anything along those lines. We may send out verification emails, in addition to the validation email that is autogenerated by our software, to confirm membership. You must validate your account within 48 hours or the account is automatically deleted. Users who enter USA or other country name in the name field will be deleted. Spammers, bots and trolls are not welcome at Objectivist Living. To avoid having your account being deleted by mistake, it is a good practice to sign up using your name and also stop by Meet and Greet and introduce yourself or simply say, "Hi, I'm a human!"

6. We discourage pseudonyms. Please register and post under your name. If you are using a display name, please enter your real name into your profile. Members who conceal their identity from the site owners could become subject to removal. Although you may send your name to the site owners privately via personal message, as a courtesy, we prefer the name to be in the profile so people know who they are speaking with online.

7. We want to see you! Please upload a photo of yourself, (headshot preferred) to use as an avatar through your Control Panel (My Controls). Animated gifs are very distracting and have been disabled by the software.

Legal notice

By posting articles and posts on the Objectivist Living forum, the poster grants unlimited free use of this material on the forum for display and handling by the site owners. The copyright of this material, however, belongs to each author. Thus Objectivist Living and the site owners do not hold the right to reprint this material without permission anywhere else, except as described in the USA fair use copyright laws, nor are they entitled to block publication of it by the author anywhere else, nor are they entitled to any income the author may derive from it.

The owners reserve the right to delete offensive or improper posts or parts of them at any time in accordance with the Posting Guidelines and move the posts to other sections of the site.

Each poster is solely responsible for the content of his or her posts and Objectivist Living and the site owners are exempt from any-and-all legal liability that may arise from such a member’s posts. Objectivist Living and the site owners are also not liable for any improper and/or illegal copy and use of copyright-protected material, published or otherwise, by Objectivist Living members or third parties visiting the forum (should this last ever find a means to post).

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