Inky Update | Feb. 25 2006


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I've been busy lately with my new website. Which website you ask? Night Vision Design. That's right, folks, I've started my own little design business. And since I've always gotta do things differently, I focus on an alternative group--I'm not making a living off of this, so I don't have a problem with working with a smaller group of people. Besides, there are loads of "normal" design sites out there, and I would get lost in the crowd (not something I like to do).

I've just put up a new layout, but I don't know how it looks on other computers, so if people could give me feedback or send me screenshots of what it looks like on their moniters, I would really appreciate it. Any constructive critism, tips, complaints, and all that are welcome as well. It's not 100% finished, more like 99.8%, so I still have a few things to fix and stuff, so if you come to a page that doesn't really have anything on it or seems to be incomplete, check back later.

I realize it's not something most of you would be interested in, but hey, that's what I've been spending most of my free time doing. :D/

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