new additions to the Objectivist Living reading list

Roger Bissell

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Here are some great new books by dedicated, upstanding Objectivists. You can probably order them through

1. The Nature of Poison -- a stunningly revealing autobiography by Casey Facetious.

2. Betraying the Self, Betraying a Heroine -- the startling memoirs of Peter Crestfallen.

3. The Face of Unreason -- the amazing confessions of Diana Shades O'Gray.

4. Premature Withdrawal -- the untold story of how and why Dizzy Vertigo bowed out of his association with Craven Deli, Thom Whoopass, and those other anti-Objectivist wankers in The Objectivist Sinners.

5. The Virtue of Parasitism -- a manual to the new, improved Objectivist moral code by its foremost practitioner, the intrepid Andy Rant.

Please support these authors -- and happy reading, everybody!

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