Ellipses: Don't Start a Still-life Without 'Em

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Mini-Tutorial: Ellipses: Don't Start a Still-life Without 'Em

by Michael Newberry

NOTE FROM MSK: The actual tutorial has been removed at the request of Michael Newberry. The link to the tutorial on his site remains in the title above. I highly recommend you go there and go through it. Here is a small quote from it:

It's rare not to have a plate, glass, cup, bottle, or a vase in a still-life. As a visual artist, if you do not master ellipses, the rims of circular shapes, your painting or drawing will look hopelessly amateurish.

It should not be surprising that da Vinci painted/drew beautiful ellipses. This detail is a from The Last Supper--it is the plate in front of Christ.

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