Integration, Part1: Light

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Mini-Tutorial: Integration, Part1: Light

by Michael Newberry

NOTE FROM MSK: The actual tutorial has been removed at the request of Michael Newberry. The link to the tutorial on his site remains in the title above. I highly recommend you go there and go through it. Here is a small quote from it:

Counterpose, 1990, oil on linen, 36x42" (Black/white photo)

Integration is, perhaps, the most complex problem in art. Often it is the cause of an artist's agony and ecstasy.

In this series on integration each tutorial will focus on one problem and show how the solution fits into the whole.

The theme of Counterpose is about a harmony of contrast. At that time in my life it reflected my quest to pull together many different aspects of art and life and to balance them.

I have removed the color from this image so that we can focus on the tonal values of the light.

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