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I have been reading through your technical section. You do a great job of explaining things. I haven't been able to find much for help online. I was wondering if you would consider posting a little technical section on moderator functions (like warning members, etc) and how that works or could you point me in the direction where I could find more information about that? Thank you in advance.

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Hi Angela,

Welcome to OL. I hope you enjoy our forum. Thanks for the compliments on the tutorials.

Are you looking for the posting guidelines? That can be found either in the Corner office under "Purpose of Objectivist Living and Legal Stuff (please read)" or by clicking on the words "Objectivist Living Posting Guidelines" located right under Ayn Rand's picture. If you have any questions about our house rules, please ask.

You can report posts by clicking a button at the bottom of a post which sends me an email with a link to the post along with a message. People usually use this feature to let me know if a duplicate post went up. Luckily, we haven't had members griping about each other's posts.

Articles go into a moderation queue before hitting the front page and spammers and trolls are shot on site. :cool:

If you would ever like to learn how something on the forum works, let me know and I will try to walk you through it or create a little visual in Photoshop to explain it. If you are trying to learn how to moderate your own forum, IPB is very helpful if you send in support tickets and I think they are finally putting together a manual. Here is the link to IPB documentation. There is also a book they sell online, but it is very basic and we pretty much figured out everything by the time we received it because it is print on demand and took 2-3 weeks to be delivered.


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Thanks Kat!! I feel kind of dumb. I actually found your website through a google search. I am a moderator in another forum. I have been surprised by the lack of help documentation for moderators. Even, when you search the help topics, there is not a lot out there. I don't really have any specific questions, I was just kind of looking to see what kind of tutorials were out there for moderators. There are certain things that I wonder if invision will do.. for example, can I track someone, like what they view, etc. Can I see who anonymous users are, etc. We have just had some drama issues on our board so I was trying to look to see what was out there to better handle those things. So, last night I was researching on the web and clicked on a link that brought me straight to the tech support forum. I was thinking that this website was set up for help on Invision. I really like the tutorials you did for the users. I now realize that the tech support is just 1 section of the objectivist living forum. I'm sorry for any confusion I caused. Thank you so much for the link to the IDP documentation. I will check that out! Thank you so much again! :)

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