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Mike, Kat:

I think you could use a separate 'Section' for the Title-Subject I gave. You know, where those of us ignoramusi can ask "How do you do THIS?", and you refer them to reading where it was already explained.

I bring this up because, I hit some strange 'glitch,' and it appears others haven't. To wit: I 'replied' in Objectivist Living Forum/Room//The Fountainhead, and couple minutes later attempted a 'P.S.', and found upon hitting 'reply' after seeing 3 others having added responses, getting "This menu has been disabled" plus info that I'm not registered and would I please log in. I re-logged and got the same thing...but only there. I can read it, but not respond to it. However, I can 'reply' elsewhere.



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When was the last time you emptied your cookie jar? It is good to clear the cookies occasionally to keep things running smoothly. Log-in and session history (showing unread posts, etc.) are a function of cookies.

It is also a good practice to copy your post and paste into a word processor in case your browser hangs during transmission. You can always close the Word document without saving if the post goes through okay, and if it doesn't, you can retrieve the text from the Word file if the back button doesn't bring the text back in the edit window. If you browser slows during the transmission of a post, quickly select all and hit Control-C if you did not do so before clicking submit, just in case.

We have also found since Michael has moved in, when he uses the laptop on the wireless network and the phone rings, it has interrupted the computer network connection. I have a set of cordless phones with a main charger that is connected to a phone jack and several satellite chargers that use ordinary outlets. Wireless signal interruptions may cause posts to get lost, so again, copying before transmitting is a good idea.


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