Most Merry Message - Kat and Michael

Michael Stuart Kelly

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Here's another Merry message....

Happy X-mas

Happy Festivus

Seasons Greetings

Happy Capitalist Day

Merry Christmas, and all the other stuff you and your families celebrate (or not). Thanks for the kind wishes, everybody. We love you all.

Best wishes for holiday cheer to you and your families from our little family,

Michael, Kat, Tina and Sean


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I've already sent my best wishes but let me offer them again. I'm happy for both of you. Thank you also for all both of you do to make Objectivist Living a site I go to every day. Let me add a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New 2007. :):)

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Mike and Kat:

Happy Christmas

Merry Greetings

Season's Holidays

(or however they're mixed-n-matched nowadays.)

~'s about f***'in TIME! (what with all that purrrrrrrr-i-i-i-ng and other X-rated, er, X-mas-type lovey-stuff on-line all this time.) --- You guys have been as bad as Niles and Daphne on Frasier! F-i-n-a-l-l-y!

~ To reduntify earlier posts...CONGRATS.




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