Erika Holzer's "Ayn Rand, My Fiction-Writing Teacher"

Roger Bissell

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In the January 2006 issue of Liberty magazine, editor Stephen Cox wrote "The Craft of Ayn Rand," a review of Erika Holzer's book, Ayn Rand, My Fiction-Writing Teacher. Here is a link to the review:

Stephen Cox's review of Ayn Rand, My Fiction-Writing Teacher by Erika Holzer

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Erika Holzer's book is well done. I would offer that the most valuable way to learn to write is to write. Write and then and then rewrite. All almost all you do will be crap but you will get better. Don't give up or give in.

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The new Journal of Ayn Rand Studies issue came in the mail yesterday, and it has a favorable review of Erika Holzer's book by Kirsti Minsaas.

I liked it too. The core of the book, her discussion of what Rand taught her and how she applied it, is a good complement to the Romantic Manifesto and the published version of the fiction-writing course.

John Enright

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