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Peter, here is a photo of it that is better and is the one I took of it. I have a book that includes the niche in vision science that this genre of his paintings play in. When I find the book, I'll relay the information. Plus it has placement of another genre of his that I absolutely cannot stand; it's as if they are repulsive to my visual system.

What do you think of this painting City Landscape, by another artist? I liked it, and it's the only thing of hers that grabbed me. 



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Well, Peter, I found the book I was thinking of, which is Robert Solso's Cognition in the Visual Arts. And then it turns out that Richter's paintings are not discussed therein after all. Not in Solso's The Psychology of Art and the Evolution of the Conscious Brain either. So I guess that neuropsychology-pertinence to some of Richter's work, such as "Sanctuary," will have to wait until I happen across it again. Meanwhile this little video is perhaps of interest, as it was for me: From Figurative to Abstract

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I liked these paintings at St. Paul's in London. They are by Sergei Chepik. The one's I like most are "Resurrection" and "Nativity", which latter, I should admit, has the strangeness that it's a boy with mother, not a baby with mother. It is not on account of the religious stories they are representing that I like them.

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A Girl Chopping Onions (1646) by Garrit Dou

In the Royal Collection, London


We got to see this painting and others from the Royal Collection when we visited London years ago. It was an accidental coincidence that the Queen had put them on display within Buckingham Palace for public viewing at a time overlapping our time in London. 

The Game "Lady Come into the Garden" (late 1660's) by Godfried Schalcken

A Boy and a Girl with a Guinea Pig and a Kitten (1681) by Adriaen van der Werff

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