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Posting Images

The way the IPB software handles image display is through linking using the image tags p><p>3 - Copy url from the image

4 - Go to the post editing window and paste in that url

5 - Select the url and click the image button (' alt='image.gif'>) to link to the image

So what happens if you get stuck on Step 1 because the image that you want to post is not already on the internet or is on a site that hosts sites for free but may not display properly when you try to link to the images (e.g., Angelfire, Yahoo forums)?

The solution is to upload the image yourself to an image hosting site like Photobucket. This is a website where you can upload your images from your hard drive and it will create the code that you just copy and paste into your post for your image to display. It generates both html and bbcode. Our software, Invision Power Board, uses bbcode.

1 - Create an account or log into an existing account at Photobucket

2 - Upload your image from your computer by clicking the "browse..." button in the Upload images and Videos box. When your image is selected, click the "Upload" button and wait a few seconds for the image to transfer into your collection. (You may upload images from another url as well as your own harddrive).

3 - Scroll down a little bit and you will see your collection of images with three boxes of code to copy. The first is the straight url of the image, the second is the html linking tag and the third is the bbcode linking tag.

4 - Copy the bbcode Img tag from within the Img box and paste it into the post. When you preview your post, the image will appear.



5 - In order to create a link within the image to another url, make it a link by setting up your image and then highlighting the code and clicking the link icon (globe/chain) and filling in the url where you want to link to. If the image is linked, the arrow cursor will turn into a pointing finger cursor when hovering over the image.



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