Jordan Peterson on Ayn Rand and off

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Jordan Peterson and Ayn Rand and off

The following video is a discussion Jordan Peterson has with Michael Malice about 4 months ago. The Ayn Rand part starts about 1:05:24 and, even thought they drifted at times, they kept coming back to Rand.

I'm putting this in Ethics because that is the biggest focus of this video (despite the title), and frankly, the biggest focus of Jordan's work, far more than politics or even psychology (except when he is specifically teaching it).

This discussion is a perfect example of how they go into Rand's ideas and relate them to other topics. I am very pleased Jordan kept asking Michael to correct him if he, perchance, was portraying Rand's ideas in a wrong way.

At the very end, Jordan told Michael it looks like, after all is said and done, they agree. And he found that quite annoying. :) 


Here is a Rumble version in case the YouTube version goes down.


12.21.2023 Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down in-person with author and podcaster, Michael Malice. They discuss his latest book, “The White Pill.” From this they explore the philosophy of Ayn Rand, anar


I will add more things by Jordan on this thread as we go along. Sometimes he will be discussing Ayn Rand and others off in a different direction.

I will include some comments by others on Jordan, too.


Enjoy this one.

It was a great discussion.



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