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NGO Evil

As someone who believes in a smaller government, I never thought much about NGOs before. NGO means Non-Governmental Organization.

But the more you look at the mess in the world today, you can't help but notice that there are always NGOs hanging around somewhere in each event.


At first, I thought NGOs were organizations that people like Soros used to fund his social unrest all over the world. And they are and he does. And I thought they were small organization for niche social issues kind of like charity groups.

But here's the raw truth.

An NGO is nothing but a bagman at root.

It exists for the rich and powerful to get money into places to overthrow governments, disrupt existing governments and so on. Do you wonder who is resettling all of the illegal aliens coming across the southern border of the US? Why, NGOs.

And there is this. In the vast majority of cases, an NGO does not bear the name of the people or organizations that funding it. But fund it they do. And NGOs fund trouble.

The public knowledge that George Soros funds NGOs is the exception, not the rule. I believe Soros is well-known as an NGO funder (who funds thousands of the things) due to his vanity, not due to investigative journalism. Well, maybe a little, not much. Soros loves to publicly cultivate his image as the bad boy of the elitists.

An NGO that doesn't fund trouble is a half-assed NGO of no consequence. But there is a darker side.


The most toxic NGOs in the world are funded by governments. They receive government money to do what the government itself cannot do. The normal money path is from government --> to some foundation or other --> to the smaller NGOs --> to rabble rousers, lawyers and so on. So once again, the super-wealthy do not use their own money for their bullshit. They use government money. And they hide their names behind the NGOs.

Here is just one example I saw this morning. But if I decided to research this, I would bore you to death with the sheer number of cases.

Have you ever heard of the National Endowment for Democracy? This is an NGO (the foundation kind) that is used by the CIA to fund civil unrest in other countries and overthrow governments the people in power in the US government do not like.

Here is Mike Benz explaining how the National Endowment for Democracy got five billion dollars to overthrow the Ukrainian government in 2014.


That's not five billion dollars in today's money. That's five billion dollars in the money of 10 years ago.

And where did that five billion dollars come from? The CIA. And where did the CIA got the five billion dollars? From the US Treasury. And where did the US Treasury get the five billion dollars?


Well some.

But mostly the US Treasury issued Treasury Bonds out of thin air, sold them to a Federal Reserve bank that it authorized to create the money out of thin air for the purchase. Then the Federal Reserve bank sent the air-created dollars to the US Treasury as legitimate dollars and the bank got to use the Treasury bonds as private bank assets. Once the US Treasury got the air-created loot, it peeled off five billion dollars and gave it to the NGO, National Endowment for Democracy.

That's how the modern Ukraine mess started.

But, but, but... that's not what the news said. The news said the monster Putin invaded Ukraine. And there's more. Nobody talked about the shale resources along the eastern part of Ukraine where they Russian Ukrainians live (like Mike Benz explained above). As an aside, never forget, most modern wars are over conquering land to get energy resources like oil.

So why this distortion in the news? 

Well, because of propaganda. The people who want the oil want to use government money to get it, but they need the public to think something else--anything but oil--to keep the scam going.

And who funds the propaganda? NGOs, of course. And who funds the NGOs? The government and the super-wealthy (who usually get their money back from other nonrelated schemes with the government).

NGOs are bagmen.

NGOs are money laundering schemes.


I believe a sweep and massive overhaul of the NGO system will take place in the upcoming Trump administration if nothing bad happens and he gets elected. I keep hearing hints that this will happen.

So why do this thread?

Well, I wanted a place where people can put examples of NGOs doing evil. As the saying goes, sunlight is the best disinfectant. Here we can start taking the mold and fungus off the top of some of the bad guys and let the sunlight do its magic.


To start, it's good to talk about George Soros and his son (and the Open Society Foundation and all the rest). 

But let's also remember the name of at least one other for now (among gazillions):

National Endowment for Democracy, bagman supreme of the CIA.


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Mike Benz and Steve Bannon do not use the word "NGO" a single time in this article and video.

But every social trouble group they referred to except unions are NGOs.


Mike Benzis theExecutive Director at the Foundation for Freedom Online. The Foundation For Freedom Online (FFO) is afree speech watchdogdedicated to restoring the promise of a free and open Internet.


We have to defund the NGOs.



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Russia knows about NGOs.


Russia's Foreign Ministry summoned U.S. Ambassador to Moscow Lynne Tracy and delivered a stern warning for Washington to stay out of Russia's internal affairs ahead of the upcoming presidential election.

Granted, Russia's elections are likely rigged by Putin, although I doubt he does the dead people voting crap and similar tactics. Putin uses a different form. He kills his opponents, the ones who get traction. That works, too. :) 


However, he knows what NGOs are for. So he told the US Embassy for it to stop all activities with:
1. American Councils for International Education
2. Cultural Perspectives, and
3. Institute of International Education

Notice how the names of these organizations sound nice and harmless? I did not look them up, but I have no doubt they are CIA cutouts and run on US government money. I also believe they have storefront activities that deal with education, but behind the scenes, their real activities are to stir up public unrest, kill and discredit politicians, or at least blackmail them with sex, pedophilia, embezzlement, fund friendly politicians, train radicals, etc. Putin has stated that these organizations are now prohibited to do their activities in Russia and anyone caught working with them will face criminal charges.


On the other side, I will be looking to see if Putin has the balls to give a message like that to Trump once he is back in office. I seriously doubt it.


I don't like Russia's election process (I mean, come on--kill off your political rivals? :) ), but I like what they do about NGOs. That's what you have to do with them. Target the worst of the lot and ban them.

The US needs to overhaul its laws about NGOs. Too many of them are funded by bad actors like Soros, but also by hostile governments like the CCP, Iran, several Arabian countries, etc., and yes, this includes Russia.

NGOs are evil.

They are spy tools for governments to do to each other what they cannot do in the open without war erupting.


Score one for Russia for getting, at least, this right.

That takes two evil problems surrounding presidential elections and reduces them to one.


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This is just a small case that came to my attention. But there are gobs of cases like this out there. And the amounts of money these people get from the government is staggering.

Casa Ruby, an NGO, received $700k in loans and had it played its cards right, it probably would not have had to repay the loans. Instead, the owner of the NGO, Ruby Corado, a transgender, sent a ton of this money to his/her/whatever personal bank account and fled to El Salvador when fraud charges dropped.

What's worse, a person interviewed in the video to the article below complained that she had not received her salary. And she did not look like a rich person.

So just think about it. This $700k folly is just a blip on the gigantic mural of the outrageous waste NGOs cause to the government budget.

And notice the smokescreen story. It's all about transgenderism and Ruby Corado being in a men's prison and in solitary confinement.

In other words, in relation to embezzling the $700k, it's all bullshit.

But that's what the news wants to talk about,


A judge is still deciding whether or not Ruby Corado, the founder of LGBTQ+ non profit Casa Ruby, will await trial from a jail cell.


What a world.



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NGOs and the CIA.

The gist: Hunter Biden's involvement with Burisma in Ukraine was as a front man for a CIA operation to thwart Russia's gas operations supplying Europe and turn the legal and physical components of the gas project toward a USA controlled NATO. Then the crony-corporatist world could dip their hands in the pile of money, throw it in the air and go, Hallelujah! This goes back to Reagan times, but Obama ramped it up to the skies.

Well, it didn't work all those years and, even with Hunter in place, it didn't work recently. Thus we got the Ukraine war and the Nord Stream pipeline explosion. And, dad-gummit, that ain't working either.



What does this have to do with NGOs?

Hunter's entire operation was papered to Kingdom Come and back with NGOs. Not just any NGOs. He used NGOs run by the CIA. Hunter was the CIA's point man because he was a druggie who had the lack of common sense to worry about being a fall-guy in front of the entire world. And he had the connections to impress the yahoos over in Europe. His daddy Joe, who had been running CIA-connected NGOs for decades, was up to his eyeballs in Hunter's run while Joe was Vice President.

btw - If anyone wonders whey Hunter seems untouchable even though his crimes are blatant, the Deep State is protecting him, mainly the CIA. Not his daddy so much. Hunter did not bring home the bacon, but he got pretty damn close. Maybe next time, huh?...


Besides, there are now all those Ukraine war billions being laundered through NGOs. The Predator Class blob wins coming and going.


Except it's all starting to fall apart for real.

Stay tuned to watch one hell of a show.



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As a follow-up to the last post, here is a longer version of the interview with Mike Benz.

If you thought the last post was awful in terms of the intelligence wing of the Deep State, it's so much worse.

This is well worth watching.


Stay ahead of the censors - Join us Aired On: 3/22/2024 Watch: On the Web: On Gettr: @WarRoom On Podcast: Apple, iHeart Radio, Google On TV: PlutoTV Channel 24


Especially important is what Benz says about the appearance of legitimacy.

The principle: A government that the public believes is legitimate is far easier and cheaper to control than if the public believes it is illegitimate.

That's why Benz believes "The Blob" (Benz's term) will likely not interfere with Trump getting elected. He thinks they will put plans in place to stifle Trump's actions as much as possible for 4 years while preparing a situation and candidate more to their liking for the following election.

Kinda like what they did with Trump's first term. Huh? :) 

They will do this because the public is so hopping mad at the government right now and believes it is illegitimate in such numbers, the blob people will lose control entirely if they let this go on. They need a cooling off period for the public.


And to tie this to NGOs, how does anyone think they will achieve the appearance of legitimacy, even under a Trump presidency?



Oh hello... What? The government you say? We are not the government. We are NGOs. All legal and everything.



In my opinion, I don't think they are going to pull it off this time.

To me, it is plausible The Blob--in its current incarnation--receives a death blow under Trump.


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Just so y'all know, the House just passed a 1.2 trillion dollar bill to fund the government for 6 months.

And the Senate approved it.

Then I saw this interview with Nancy Mace before the vote. She said she would not vote for it.

Wanna know one of the reasons why Nancy is not on board with this?

As she told Laura, the southern invasion of the US by illegal immigrants is structured by a whole swarm of NGOs.

And this bill funds those NGOs.

This $1.2 trillion bill approved by the US Congress is funding the invasion of the US.

And it's all being laundered through NGOs.


Think about it.

What would cause US Congress members to do that?



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The Deep State tried to assassinate the Slovakian PM, Robert Fico, the other day. But the gunman did not aim true and Fico is recovering. That'll teach 'em to use a poet as a hit man. :) 


So what has this got to do with NGOs as in the title of this thread?


Natural gas pipelines.


The gist: Ukraine and Slovakia (and a few other surrounding countries) have a huge interconnected system of natural gas pipelines where Russian natural gas feeds Europe's energy market. These countries do not have massive natural gas reserves. Instead, they have the distribution mechanism. And it's hard as hell to build a new one. That's a hell of a lot of pipe, not to mention other headaches.

So the Predator Class in the West want's that network of pipelines for Predator Class natural gas in the West. That is one of the biggest reasons for the Ukraine war and why the West kept goading Putin about Ukraine over the years. What's more, protecting that pipeline network was probably one of the reasons Putin invaded Ukraine.

So here's what the CIA has been doing to get that pipeline network away from Russian use and into the hands of the Predator Class in the West.

It funds a crapload of NGOs in the target country (Ukraine, Slovakia, etc.) to create civil and political unrest to the point of chaos. When the citizens have had enough, this makes it easy for a strong "partner" to step in and offer to help the country out. The strong partner arrives, asks for a few favors and privileges (law exemptions, raw materials, labor, etc.) in return for technology and muscle and weapons and money. Then after the hook is in the mouth, it burdens the target country with debts and treaties and "partnerships." In other words, it makes it hard for the target country to ever get out from underneath the new boot on its neck.

Thus the pipeline network will no longer pump Russian natural gas to feed Europe's market. It will pump natural gas from the new masters.


The Slovakian PM, Rober Fico, was strengthening Slovakia's contracts with Russia for natural gas distribution, thus undermining Ukraine's plans. Worst of all, Fico was kicking the NGOs out of Slovakia. He was standing up for real to the Deep State in the West.

Surprise, surprise, an old disgruntled poet out of nowhere turned into an assassin and got some shots off.



Mike Benz explains all this clearly.

(Note, Part 1 and Part 2 are inverted below, so watch the lower video first.)


In today's world, NGOs are cutouts for the CIA to do dirty work. And for the Predator Class in general.

If you get rid of NGOs, you make trouble for the Deep State and it's evil plans. Funding, assassins, rent-a-crowds and other social unrest, propaganda, bribes and blackmail, all of it becomes hard for the Deep State to mobilize without NGOs.

When NGOs are not freewheeling in financial and legal limbo, the bad guys have to use blackmailed poets to try to kill political targets. That's not working out too well.


NGOs are not capitalism. 

NGOs are Deep State organizations based on legal technicalities and used for murder and power takeovers--in other words, organized crime.


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On 5/17/2024 at 9:43 PM, tmj said:

Come to think of it the Deep State is the biggest NGO of them all!


That is an interesting thought, but the Deep State includes corporations like ones in Big Pharma, arms manufacturers and so on.


There is one Deep State organization that is a pure NGO, however, and many people don't see it that way: The World Economic Forum (WEF).

Pure NGO.

I think its influence is now going to go bye-bye. And I think the reasons will be both charisma-related and financial. And being an NGO and not a government. And NGO relies on both charisma and donated funds. It doesn't have its own staying power without those two.


First, the Fearless Leader himself is going bye-bye.

Klaus Schawb, the James Bond villain, is stepping down. I have read speculations, but nobody is mentioning the obvious. This dude was interned in the hospital recently. So he has some kind of serious health issue. Anyway, see here:


Arch-globalist and chairman of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab has reportedly told staff that he will step down as executive chairman.

This dude knows everybody among the Predator Class and is fully on board with the Nazi outlook for one world government. His image is one who refuses to hide his origins and his world-domination dreams, though he frames all this is diplomatic terms with nice-sounding words. So many authoritarians in power relate to this. But there is not another person with his charisma to replace him who can tickle that particular fancy, one who can preach and implement the world domination goal, but is not a threat to them.  


The second reason the WEF should fade is financial. Due to its harping on and on about DEI, illegal immigration, anti-white guy bias, and so on, it will be hard for Schwab's successor to be an old white Nazi the way he is. There is going to be a call for consistency between message and deed in the new appointment. Can you imagine a black-oriental transgender midget being appointed as the new Executive Chairman of the WEF? :) 

Or how just a simple woman? A normal woman? Even if she is a deceptive cold-hearted throat-cutting power-mongering bitch?

Does anyone really believe that if she does not have her own armed forces, she would have access to all of those leaders all over the world, especially in the Muslim world or even the obscure Nazi world that permeates so many countries? That she would attract these leaders to stick around and keep funding the WEF and its projects? That she would be the spokesperson for all they believe in, for the product of selective eugenics culling populations to enhance humanity, for a one world government ruled by the "best of the best"? 

Ain't gonna happen.

I'm fine with female leaders. Many in the halls of power aren't. Not on that level.


So what can we expect? Probably inertia will keep the WEF alive for a while, but I expect it to lose relevance in world issues soon, then get weaker and weaker and so on into oblivion.


Now, if they get a new manly Bond villain who can fundraise to replace ole Klaus, all bets are off.



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