My Great Uncle's Book The Challenge of Liberty

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My great uncle Robert Jones wrote a book called The Challenge of Liberty in 1956. It's a sort of philosophy of methodology book written for the Heritage Foundation. It uses a lot of the same terms as Ayn Rand like individualism versus collectivism so I'm wondering if some of that was in the "intellectual air" at that time. It's available for free download at the Mises Institute website. I explored attaching a copy here but it's beyond my allowed size limit.

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Man, how did I miss this?

Sorry for the delay.

I did not know you were related to Robert Jones. I like that guy. I always have.

But before I make a gaffe, and just to be sure, is this the same Robert Jones that photographs everything all over the place and includes lots of family photos? :) 

I ask because your Robert Jones seems a bit older than that Robert Jones, being your great uncle and all.

Are the two related?


A download link of the book is here:


From the author:To every age comes its own challenge, different from the challenge to any other age. Although the elements of the problem of social existence remain always the same, yet as each generation variously emphasizes or neglects particular elements of that problem, the challenge to the succeeding generation is presented in different...


And here is a direct download link of the PDF:

The Challenge of Liberty-pdf

I also attached the pdf as a file to my post, so you can also download it there.

I did not have any size constraints on attaching it and I don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm the big kahuna over here and the software is sucking up to me. :) 




Just as a preview, here are screenshots of the Title Page and Table of Contents:






I bet it's a good book.


I, for one, am going to check it out.

To the reader, do likewise.



The Challenge of Liberty_3.pdf

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