The Child Education Part

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The Child Education Part

I just changed the name of this section from "Parenting" to "Parenting and Child Education" so I could find a home for threads threads like this one.

One of the reasons I made this change and this thread was the X post below.

This is pure evil.


The gist of the video is that the teacher tells very young kids to play a "game" where color now represents a shape.

Blue = Circle
Red = Triangle
Green = Square

She hammers this home in their brains by not letting them use words for the shapes, but instead, arm movements.

Then she shows a blue square and ask the kids what the shape it is and makes sure they use the arm movement for circle. And so on.

After going through a few of those, she asks the kids what they had to do inside their minds to ignore the actual shape and just focus on the color. She called this a "skill" that they used.

One kid said she pretended the shape was not there.

Another said she remembered the rules.

One kid simply kept looking at the group to get his cues.


This is how to dissociates observation from the reasoning part of the mind. This is creating an anticonceptual mind on purpose from the ground up.

And what does the teacher replace observation with?


Obey the rules. Obey the group. Obey her. Not as rules, group or teacher, but as a metaphysical fact that contradicts what they saw.

Like I said, pure evil.


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