Wild Ride - Explosion in Suburbs

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Wild Ride - Explosion in Suburbs

Wanna take a wild ride?

A few days ago a house blew up in Arlington, Virginia.

This caught my attention because when I was growing up, I used to live next door in Fairfax County near Alexandria.

The explosion happened when the police were trying to serve a subpoena and the press said something about flare gun accidents.

Nothing made any goddam sense. I did not comment at the time in order to wait for the fake news agenda to run its course.

Well, it ran its course, someone put up an X thread and famous journalists like Emerald Robinson are now on it.


You can read the entire thread below in one go at ThreadReader. It's one hell of a wild ride through the Deep State.


@APhilosophae: Thread 🧵 Remember that house that just blew up in Arlington? Well things are not exactly as they seem. Hang on, here we go… Let’s go step by step. The house is owned by a...


This thing is like the movies. I almost put this in the Deep State Unraveling thread, but it makes such a great plot point model for a future thriller, I decided I wanted an easy reference. So it gets its own thread. This one is a keeper.

But, getting back to reality, this actually is one more piece of evidence that the Deep State is unraveling. 

It looks like the explosion was a Deep State clean-up hit. Think Global Crossing, IT spying, and read the thread.

What's more, that was a nice clean hit in a suburban neighborhood. They blew up an entire house with very little collateral damage to neighboring property or people standing nearby.

I repeat, one wild ride into hell.



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