Citizen Portal and Good AI

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Citizen Portal and Good AI

Does anyone doubt there are monsters who want to use AI to rule over all of mankind, to treat humans as livestock, to kill and maim at whim for whatever reason they dream up?

If you doubt it, I want to sell you prime real estate in the middle of Death Valley.


But there is good news. There is a force for good with AI that, I believe, will counterbalance these efforts.

The following is one such force by Paul Allen, one of the founders of


This is important because he is mobilizing oodles of moneys and smart peoples to get this thing going and operate it. That means there are other forces for good out there who are doing likewise.

We don't hear about them because the monsters all own the mainstream media. But they are there and now alt media is growing so much, they are getting exposure.

And that tells me that they will find ways of clipping the wings of the bad guys. When the bad guy AI gets too destructive, they will invent and fund good guy AI to neutralize it.

And, of course, they are inventing good guy AI to empower individuals, not according to what Big Tech wants, but according to what each individual wants for his or her own life. If that sounds kinda libertarian or Randian, that's because it is. Even though religious people are doing it.


Watch the video interview by Glenn Beck with Paul Allen where he explains all this.


In short, this Citizen Portal AI is a search engine of government, past and present. They have AI creating transcripts of videos instantly as soon as they are uploaded to different places all over America. So you will be able to see what is being discussed by whom and where and when.  

And when you go to vote, instead of winging it for the downvote because you don't know who the hell all those people are, Citizen Portal AI will give you their words and positions.

That's just scratching the surface.

And it's free. 


It's in Beta right now as it is accumulating all the data and processes, but it is functional.

If you want to try it out, go to the following link. But watch Beck's video first to get a notion of all it offers. Friggin' mind-blower.

Citizen Portal AI


Search every word spoken by your elected leaders. Easily create clips and share!


On another point, I want to use this thread to mention good AI like this when it appears. As I mentioned, I have no doubt tons of people are going to create great ethical programs that empower individuals, not tyrants or technocratic dictators.

So enjoy, my people. Do not despair.

There is hope, little Virginia...

Santa Claus is...

(er... I got messed up there...)



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