The Root of All Human-To-Human Evil

Michael Stuart Kelly

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The Root of All Human-To-Human Evil

A notion has been bugging me for a long time. At first is was a vague feeling, but as time has gone on, I kept thinking, nah... It can't be this simple. But it has become more and more clear as I see more and more examples unveil.

The root of all human-to-human evil resides in a feeling some people have. The feel they are superior to other humans. They don't "know" it because their feeling has no reality referent. But their feeling is so strong, it takes the place of knowledge. It is at the point where certainty becomes fact for them.

This is perfectly illustrated by James Carville and Bill Maher in a short video clip below, especially by their sniggering and a comment Carville said at the end and Maher's response to it. 


MAHER: I feel like the people who go to the rallies are the worst.


MAHER: These are the people who, when you said before, some of them are deplorable.

CARVILLE: Yes. And some of them are.

MAHER: I feel like those are the types who... if you're actually getting your ass out to go to a Trump rally... I mean, what? You don't have the grades to get into the tractor pull?

(both laugh)

CARVILLE: I love... these... when I see it... doin' it... like, somebody goes... and they interview people?...

MAHER: Yeah.

CARVILLE: I got to admit, it gives me... I shouldn't do it... it's not... I do a... you should never do it in my business. (small pause and emphasis). I actually feel superior to these people.

(both laugh)

CARVILLE: Jesus, I mean, I'm pretty fucking stupid, but this is like... 

MAHER: Right.


Granted, we all have a cognitive bias where we feel superior to others. For example, when people rate themselves on their driving ability, about 80% believe they are in the top 10%, or at least top 20%, which is a mathematical impossibility.

I believe this is an evolutionary attitude that arose among humans as a kind of inner cheerleader for a person doing hard tasks where mental effort and paying attention are pronounced. If the morale is high, the right neurochemicals tend to be released and the individual keeps focus.

But think of another evolutionary attitude that is even more primitive. Human beings, the mammals, the animal human beings, are predators as part of their makeup. They hunt and kill other animals to eat.

When you apply that socially, if you do not temper that urge with reason and the activities in the cortex, you get sociopaths at best. Most people manage to temper this urge and live more in cooperation than in fights to the death.


The feeling of superiority is a primitive urge that evolved and was tempered in the same manner as predation. But think about this. We are privileged right now. We have a front-row seat to the tempering evolving in the human species. The concept of royalty, for example, is becoming a relic of social organization among earlier humans when they were not as evolved as now.

People like Maher and Carville did not get the memo. They embrace the cognitive bias (the feeling of superiority over other humans) as an absolute and they let it serve as the foundation of their world-view. When you look at it, this was the curse of royalty. They did not have to evolve and they still got the goodies in life. No wonder they and their progeny have become mentally and emotionally arrested.


Now the evil part. People who feel superior to other humans have no emotional investment--that is foundation-level emotional investment--in individual rights, especially the right to life of all individuals. Without emotions, people do not act. When inferiors (in their view) die, even by murder, well, too bad. It's like a cow died or something. When one of their own dies, that's a tragedy. And when by murder, that prompts rage and revenge.

Many of these people are good at developing the rational parts of their brains to process data and work with it well enough to manipulate others and build structures where they can live out their entitled feelings. That makes them dangerous to the rest of humankind. They have no problem killing humans they perceive are in their way. Or exploiting other humans as livestock. And when they do kill these "useless eaters" or "tractor pullers,"  they do so with the feeling of certainty that all is right in the world.


I am becoming more and more convinced this is an ethical problem. Notice at the end of the video, Carville knows it's wrong to say what he says because he virtue-signals false humility, but it's like he pulls back the curtain to show what's really in his soul. 

Granted, Carville and Maher are not dangerous except as part of the churn. They are small potatoes among the lesser-evolved humans who believe they are superior. That makes them easy to be useful examples. For the rest of us, it's sort of like dissecting a frog in biology class in high-school. :) 

Does that make me feel superior to them? Not in terms of having a right to life. They have just as much right to life as I do. But I am definitely more evolved in tempering a particular primitive cognitive bias. My mind and brain have evolved further than theirs.

Future humans will look more like me and less like them.

That's not a feeling. I get no pleasure, nor do I feel contempt, when I say that.

It's just an identification from looking at evolution and human history.


What I'm writing here is not snark for dueling online. I'm serious. These are people who should be treated like wild animals. They don't have the emotional maturity to understand representative government. Or understand the virtue of peace for anyone except who they identify as their kind. But they do have a craving for power any way they can get it. So stay away from them. And when they get out of hand and start killing everyone, put them down.


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For people who are reading this post at the time it is posted, you already McCarthy was ousted as Speaker of the House yesterday and the details are fresh.

But for later readers, this episode represents what happens when the "livestock" wake up to the evil of those who look down on them. That's not just now. The American Revolution itself was such an episode.

I looked to find something to illustrate the contrast and came up with a couple of doozies. Believe me, they were not hard to find. 


The first is about Representative Tim Burchett (R-TN). He voted for McCarthy to vacate the Speakership. Before the vote, he said in public he was going to pray over his decision and God would tell him what best to do.

McCarthy called him and disrespected this choice. So Burchett said this made his decision for him. 

You do not have to believe as another believes, but when people demonstrate sincerity in their religion, you have to accept that they believe it. And you have to respect it if you want freedom to mean anything rational. They own their minds and hearts, you don't.

But the creeps who feel superior can't help themselves. They can't believe someone can be so stupid (in their view) and say so out loud. It just pops out.

But there's more. Notice how cynical with false sincerity they get when they get smashed in the mouth.

Here is what I mean:


Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) said a “condescending” comment from former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) about the lawmaker praying on the vote to remove McCarthy from office sealed…

Look at this from the end of the article:


McCarthy at a press conference Tuesday said he wasn’t trying to offend Burchett.

“I said Tim, I read your quote, you said you’re gonna pray about it, I wanted to talk to you about it. And somehow he construes that — I’m a Christian, I’m not gonna offend somebody — I simply read his quote back, I thought there was still an opening and I wanted to talk to him about it,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy lies as a feature of his personality, so it's hard to tell whether his account is the way it really was. But I have little doubt he is perplexed about Burchett's attitude ad maybe doesn't even realize he popped off his big fat mouth in the wrong way at the wrong time. But look behind the event. Does anyone believe McCarthy sees Burchett as an equal? Hell no. McCarthy only called Burchett at the last minute when his ship was sinking. Otherwise Burchett did not need to be taken seriously. After all, he was one of "those." 

That is a small indication of why McCarthy did so little to keep to the deal he made with the MAGA people to get the speakership. Those promises he made were, to him, an inconvenience, not anything to be taken seriously. Why? Because he has total contempt for those he made the promises to. That's where the evil comes from. That's why he worked so hard to fund the needless Ukraine war in the name of MAGA in addition to several other absurdities.


It gets comical, too. Here is Jake Tapper (another elitist) interviewing Burchett. Watch Tapper's face go through an entire body language workout trying to virtue signal that he is taking Burchett seriously. It's like the Big Bad Wolf talking to Little Red Riding Hood in the sincerity department. 

So where's the evil here?, you may wonder. That's easy. Imagine if Tapper had not just been smashed in the mouth and the elitists were still on top. Would he be exercising his facial muscles that much in talking to Burchett? Or, presuming there was something important to talk about, would he dismiss Burchett quickly, snub him, maybe not even talk to him? To me it's a no brainer Tapper would make short work of Burchett.

Does Tapper consider Burchett as an equal? Come to your own conclusion, but it's obvious to me he does not. Tapper is merely perplexed that the livestock is not acting like livestock and is no longer delivering the goodies and power he feels he and those like him are entitled to.


For the second doozy, when Matt Gaetz was called out in Congress for a fundraising email he made on ousting McCarthy, he said he is funded by average Americans with small value donations. He does not bend the knee to lobbyists and special interests. At this moment, a large number in Congress booed him. (Believe me, that is going to become a meme. :) )

But notice that the Superior Ones are right there in your face, letting you know if you are like Matt Gaetz, you are not their equal. That's why they feel so entitled to steal from you and wreck your life, including kill your children in needless wars and experiment on you biologically, to get their goodies.


The point of this post is to illustrate that the bad guys do not hide this disparity. These idiots really do feel contempt for you and express it openly. Their worldview is evil and anti-freedom and they are loud and proud about it.

So, just like with the American Revolution, it's time to smash their mouths and keep smashing their mouths until they go away.


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More on contempt for Burchett.

This time Brian Kilmeade, of all people, openly snarled at Rep. Burchett and sneered about him praying.

He showed exactly the contempt of the Superior One for the livestock I am highlighting in this thread.

It's hard for me to look at Brian Kilmeade and think evil, but this attitude of his is evil. He wasn't angry at Burchett. He was contemptuous from an innately superior position as a human being. That is evil.


Here is the video. It's short. Watch it and you will see what I mean.

I mean, how dare Burchett choose his own vote. What the hell does he think he is? A human being like Kilmeade or something?


btw - I'm pointing out the evil of this form of thinking, but I have to admit, I'm enjoying the howling.



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Here's an added thought.

The evil I talk about is bigotry, but from the other end. It is not the bigotry of disparaging a group of people, but instead of imagining oneself to belong to a group that is innately superior to the rest of humankind, sort of like a different species.

For example, normal bigotry against Jews in Europe during the last century and the one before was bad, even evil, but it only became monster-size with industrial death camps when it got wedded to the German belief of Ayran-blooded people being innately superior to the rest of humankind.

We all have fear of "the other" to some extent. That's normal and we have processes by which to establish connection and cooperation rather than fighting. But this concept is not about fear. It is not even about conceit.

It is a skewed world-view that grants to the "Superior Ones" a license to kill other humans on a mass scale.

Communists fall into this, too, because they are the Enlightened Ones, so to speak. White supremacy, also, but it is not as evil as this other since it promoted slavery of a race, not large-scale murder and extinction. Margaret Sanger, for example, in her attempt to eliminate the blacks from humanity is far more evil than the most sadistic slave-owner of the Deep South. And those jerks were evil.

Any culture that promotes genocide in some manner falls into this.


I'm not against all transhumanism, but many transhumanists support genocide when done technocratically (and with compassion, of course) and hold to this innate superiority doctrine.

The thing all of these people are doing is illustrated currently by the contempt for normal humanity, especially for MAGA people, by the Predator Class.

Only this time, the victims are refusing to become victims or become inferior. 


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The following is another facet of the issues brought up in this thread.

Let's call it people defining ethics based on power alone. Or at least people being indoctrinated to define ethics in terms of power and only power.

This, I believe, is part of what makes one believe he or she is innately superior to others. From their perspective, if one does not fall on the morally superior line of the power-equation, one only has the morally inferior side to fall on. And, when seen through the lens of power only, that leads not only into being a dirty rotten human being, that leads to being without power, mainly being without power that comes with a moral sanction. And that makes for wretched humans from all angles. Nobody wants to be wretched.

For those who do not think this through, this is a horrible dilemma. Or worse, if they are incapable of thinking this through like with a child, it is even more horrible. No wonder so many just fall off into a metaphysical conceit and wreck their spiritual development. It's easier than trying to make sense of the senseless. And the tragedy is this: they were indoctrinated to believe this is the only way to see reality. It's pure bullshit.

This does not just happen in the university, as the video below might imply. This comes from social groups and families. But the university sure brings out and lets flourish whatever demons of this nature are within a person. (I am using demon metaphorically.)

When Jordan Peterson nails it, he sands and varnishes the product.


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To contrast about as contrasted as it can get, the lady below is 93 and singing a simple country song about Jesus. Singing lovely, too.

I speak as a person who is not fond of country music in general, and I am not a Christian.


But I admire this.

And this is not as rare among devoutly religious people as it may seem according to the mainstream media. It is also one of the reasons I do not trash devoutly religious people. I made that mistake in my early days of Rand, but as I grew and observed, I found that my prejudices were not borne out by reality.

Any system of thought that can inspire people to create such beauty at the ends of their lives is not a "death premise" system of ideas. This is human life at its best.

Now imagine one of those idiots so full of intellectual and emotional poison inside that they believe they are superior to others just because.

Do they inspire you to live well like this lady does? One day at a time?

This is a premise to check when the itch to bash religion and mock religious heartland people surges...


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They certainly have a right to say they were exercising their free will and lie to themselves about it. Just like the rest of humanity does...


Quipping aside, I think a betrayal can be judged only based on the nature of the commitment made.

For example, in Scientology, the Sea Org people sign one billion year contracts. (They believe in eternal souls.)

How does one even judge betrayal in such a context?


Or suppose you change your mind on a fundamental issue? Say abortion? Are you betraying your own values by changing your mind?


Nathaniel Branden always said when you sacrifice a lower value for a higher value, you are not losing. Instead, that's a gain.

But what if you were the lower value? Wouldn't you, the one sacrificed, feel that this was a hell of a a betrayal, say, in a marriage?


The more I think about it, the more I find the term "right to betray" odd.


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On 10/2/2023 at 8:25 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

People like Maher and Carville did not get the memo. They embrace the cognitive bias (the feeling of superiority over other humans) as an absolute and they let it serve as the foundation of their world-view. When you look at it, this was the curse of royalty. They did not have to evolve and they still got the goodies in life. No wonder they and their progeny have become mentally and emotionally arrested.

Here is a perfect example of someone who bought the "I am superior to the masses" delusion hook, line and sinker. Look at his emotions when facing the reality that all the dirty tricks in the world by him and his co-superiors are failing to prove that they are superior. What's worse, there is a corollary reality that makes this pill super-bitter: He can no longer ignore the reality that he is not wanted or admired outside of his diminishing bubble.

Even more, remember that this retard is supposed to be a comedian, not a spoiled brat having a temper tantrum.


As the Gateway Pundit reported yesterday, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s evidentiary hearing about her alleged misconduct went so poorly for her that leftists across America are losing their minds.


Here is the meltdown part of the video on X.


Granted, I support Trump, but I am not talking about his campaign right now or anything about him except as an example. I am not trying to sneak in promotion of him. This example is so perfect for my point, I had to use it. This sucker hits the nail on the head emotionally and involves people famous enough to show how widespread this is.

So, what's my point without a lot of blah blah blah? 

I am talking about a bigger picture that covers reality, dirty tricks, self-deception, and the unmasking of evil people when reality begins to undo their "controlled narrative."


Look at how this retard cannot believe it (meaning reality) and how hysterical he sounds about how that can't be true.

This is what happens when the self-anointed superior people begin to see reality in a way they can no longer evade or ignore.

Notice that people who use reason on a deep level may not like reality when it comes in an unpleasant or painful form, but they do not deny it and stage a public temper tantrum about it. They analyze, look for alternatives, try to understand, and so on.

The self-anointed superior people like the retard above are beyond reason. 


When you learn to see this, you will see it everywhere, not just with this example of a famous comedian talking about Trump.

You will see it in all kinds of topics, values, and especially laws they want to enact that favor them. You will see it in philosophy and religion, in sports, in corporate structures and boardrooms, in tastes in food, on kindergarten playgrounds, in all walks of life.

When reality hits and denies them their delusion, they lose their shit.



The irrational certainty of self-superiority is one of the main roots of evil.

This is ethics and epistemology combined.


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On 2/14/2024 at 10:23 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

TDS people would hate Trump even if he cured cancer, ended poverty, and extended human life spans by 500 years.

I don't feel like arguing with such people anymore.

Do you want to see an example of TDS taken to the point of mental illness?

But also reflects the evil I talked about in the opening post?


That video is in the following article:


Robert De Niro went on a blistering rant about Trump and his fans, sounding the alarm on a new Trump term and calling him a string of derogatory names.

And here is the transcript of that video from the article.


BILL MAHER: So why is Trump winning? I mean, the poll the New York Times poll this week came out, and maybe this will change it with the state of the Union address. But but Trump was beating him rather soundly. It was quite a warning light, 48 to 43, also winning way more among women. Women! Than he had before winning outright Latinos. What do you attribute that to?

ROBERT DENIRO: I don’t know, I just don’t want to feel the way I did. And many, many of us don’t. After the election in 2016, where we couldn’t believe that it happened.

The guy is a total monster. And, anybody. I don’t understand it. Yeah, I guess they get behind that kind of logic. They want to fuck with people, screw them because they’re unhappy about some. He’s such a mean, nasty, hateful person.

I’d never play him as an actor because he’s. I can’t see any good in him. Nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing redeemable in him.

And we have to. And whoever the people are who want to vote for him and–. Look like intelligent people around this, I mean, for some reason, it can’t be. It can not be! If he is, he wins the election. He. You won’t be on this show anymore. He’ll come looking for me. You know, there’ll be. There’ll be things that happen that none of us can imagine. That’s what happens in that kind of a dictatorship, which is what he says. Let’s believe and take him at his word.

BILL MAHER: I did, from the beginning.


BILL MAHER: I mean, I said from the very beginning, this guy is never going to concede power. And he still hasn’t. He still hasn’t — just admitted he lost the last election and he advertises that he will go on. He he says he’s been cheated out of one term. So maybe we should get rid of the only a president only gets two terms thing.

ROBERT DENIRO: So he’s a sociopathic, psychopathic, malignant narcissist. (applause) He’s. He is a dangerous person. We have two people. We have a lot of people, this audience. But the people who somehow think he’s going to be the answer to their prayers, whatever those are.


I see DeNiro as capable of presiding over Trump's execution for eating a sandwich. He would believe he has rid the world of a monster for doing something unspeakable. He would feel virtuous.

This is mental illness.


I have a personal theory that explains part of this. I think people like Robert DeNiro harbor a certainty that they are superior to the masses. They are entitled to be superior because they were born that way. So when someone like Trump comes, someone who represents the values of hardworking masses, they will even let him wield power if only he will admit his inferiority. And he won't. He is proud, unapologetic, not a smidgen of guilt, and as competent as all get out.

That is a stinging slap in the face to people like DeNiro. Reality is not what he imagines it is with him being superior and all as a metaphysical law. And that is too horrible to contemplate. His whole life would lose meaning if that were true. This would mean he worshipped the wrong god all his life.

So he stews in his hatred and looks perplexed that people like Trump, that people support Trump. He doesn't believe Trump supporters are real. He thinks they just want to fuck with others. He said so in the video.

This goes way beyond ignorance. This is willful evasion of reality. DeNiro hates Trump because he wants to hate Trump. He consciously chooses to hate Trump no matter the reality he encounters.

That is mental illness.


Bill Maher also has this illness. And he harbors this evil in his heart. If you haven't done so yet, watch the video in the opening post. Maher believes in his own superiority, moral and otherwise, to other humans as a metaphysical law. It's right there out in the open.


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Speaking of Robert DeNiro, I got this article offline.

DeNiro thinks the US is suffering from temporary insanity over climate change. This was back in 2018.

And, of course, the temporary insanity is because of Trump.


De Niro: US suffering from ‘temporary insanity’ on climate change


Sorry, I can't embed this article because The Hill is blocking embeds on it. So you have to use the link above.

Imagine that.


But I can show you what the article looks like with a screenshot. And I can even link a second time to it through the image. 




DeNiro's superior to all of us, after all.



Tell me.

Do you feel morally inferior to Robert DeNiro?

Do ya'?


Wanna bet he's a Hollywood pervert when nobody's looking?



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Although this looks like it's about abortion, it is more than that.

It hits square within with the ethical certainty problem of feeling superior to other humans.

Maher said abortion is murder and he's OK with that.

He said there are too many people on the planet anyway. "Nobody's going to miss you."

At least he's honest and does not try to rationalize human nature out of existence.


I think the polar opposite of what he said about humanity.

Ironically, that makes me feel morally superior to Bill Maher--and be certain of it.



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