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Here is the information given by Project Gutenberg on the copyright status of Anthem, which is in the public domain in the United States.

Anthem is still under copyright in Canada. Please do not put it on Canadian computers.

Caxton Printers, who used to own the United States copyrights to Anthem by Ayn Rand, as per an agreement with Pamphleteers, was VERY kind and VERY open about explaining the copyright of Anthem, and how it came to be not renewed in the U.S.; and we would like to add, on their behalf, that their copyrights are still in force for Anthem in Canada. Neither we nor they are in a current position to research the possible copyrights for other countries, so that is possibly still up in the air. It behooves me, since they have been so forthcoming about this—to encourage you to buy the only hardcover edition available.

You may contact them via:

800-657-6465 & 208-459-7421

Fax Line Is: 208-459-7450

Please tell them you were sent by Project Gutenberg

According to the Wikipedia article on Anthem concerning the copyright status:

It is still under copyright in other countries party to the Berne Convention, and will be until 2033.
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