Embedding Content from Links to Articles

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Embedding Content from Links to Articles

This is a quickie.

If you paste a link to an article, then hit "Enter," the headline and image and opening of the article should embed in your post.

This is from a plugin I bought a while back. A new upgrade to this plugin (a feature that I just discovered) allows the full title to embed.

Before the title was truncated, meaning abbreviated. This is why I always posted the full title separately with a link in it.

Now I will no longer have to do that. The full title will appear automatically.

It's so easy now. Like I said, just paste in a post a link to an article, then hit "Enter." This should embed some content for most articles. (Some smaller websites do not work.)

It even works for videos that do not embed directly on OL. In this case, the video will appear in article summary form, then when you click on it, you will go to the video at the site where it is hosted.

If you haven't done so already, try it, you'll like it.



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