Bricks in the Yellow Brick Road

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AI will one day be the new Wizard of Oz,  and behind the contraption will be the men pulling the levers (although not so well intentioned or good natured as that man from the movie).. it will be the new God (and a new "The Science") making pronouncements for the faithless plebs and the self-respecting "believers in science" to follow.

That path, the virtue signalled "right", God-given, absolute and correct set of choices, will be the yellow brick freeway... the key to everything from our new God who will save us from all the multiplying crises. 

For now, the bricks are being laid by many of our mortal Utopian and Malthusian types.. a mere "road" to join up with the freeway once that begins.


I'd like anyone who sees the bricks being laid, perhaps manmade crises, both fictional (false flag), and ecoterrorist based (wildfire arson? bombings?) as well as new virtue signalling or movements etc, (celebrity or corporation based) to feel free to identify them here.   


As mentioned in other posts, the predator class is really a collection of groups all vying cooperatively and competitively for power.  I want to focus on that part which consists of Utopians and Malthusians... tyrants of a socialist, environmentalist bent, who are in it, not for personal gain, but for some Malthusian, Imagined Crisis driven vision, which eschews freedom and individual rights for some hippy kumbaya commune... and are willing to achieve it at any cost... any amount of suffering, starvation and death no matter how much.


My First Brick:

The WHO its supporters of a certain type, and it's slow morphing into a World Crises Organization: We have seen global power foisted on western nations with crises as the justification, loss of sovereignty which means loss of individual rights in those nations. Soon in addition to pandemic lockdowns and handing over sovereignty to the WHO because "disease"... there will be a kind of  World ECO Organization (or straight up World Crises Organization) which will enforce the same kinds of tyranny in the name of dealing with other crises and legitimized by the handing over of sovereignty by nations.... regardless of whether the people in those nations consented or not.


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