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Rage Against The Mobile AI Machine - Reality Balance

Wanna see a grassroots movement grow from nothing in reality?

Look at this video of Laura Southern ditching her smartphone and going to a flip phone instead.


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Ditching is too harsh a word.

Laura is not becoming a luddite.

She is seeking an awareness balance between reality and virtual living through devices.

So she will be using a smartphone during certain times of the day for small periods. And she is controlling this using the same SIM card for both smartphone and flip phone. That means no cheating is possible.

The fact is, Laura wants to be in touch with reality more than she has been. She doesn't want to be constantly addicted to new messages and algorithmic manipulation.

She didn't say, but I think she wants to gain back what control she used to have of certain neurochemicals in her brain (especially dopamine, serotonin and cortisol). She did say she is sick of being addicted.

This, to me, is an indication of a new ad hoc movement that is arising. This movement is without leaders and big investors, and it will grow and grow. It cannot not grow.

People want themselves back. They want their own volition back.

But man are they addicted.

And to make matters more complicated, normal people don't want to give up the benefits of human progress, not even the nonaddicted want that.

So what to do?


How about a new term to start with?

Reality balance.

A reality balance is an older idea whose time has come to explode.

If you don't like that term, I'm fine with another to indicate the same concept.

This means a series of behaviors, routines, devices (yes devices), physical spaces, knowledge, principles, and so on that make it easier for a person to tune out and tune back in. In other words, this new conceptual area is not aimed at eliminating Internet culture. It is aimed at making it possible for people to live with Internet culture and also live with reality. I'm including artificial intelligence in Internet culture here since AI relies on Internet culture to scrape data and train its algorithms. 

The only way I see to achieve such a balance so far, is to divide up the time spent on each, reality and Internet culture (including offline fruits of the Internet culture).

That's how humans have dealt with this reality balance problem ever since books, then radio, TV, video, and the early Internet and mobile became commonplace. It makes sense that this will be how humans will deal with the AI goosed up super-addictive part.

As this movement is not organized, but stems from an enormous desire that is universal, I believe it will also become a huge market.


Here on this thread, when I come across people or other things displaying reality balance or making inroads. I will post them.

I started with Laura Southern ditching her smartphone for most of the day, but I, personally, have seen plenty of other people scratching at this problem over the last couple of years. Probably more.

And, man, are Ayn Rand's ideas relevant.


You can be part of this ad hoc movement, too. If you see examples of reality balance out there, please share.

We all need this.

I believe over time, we all will want this except for hardcore addicts and predators.


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I saw an interesting story on Fox, from Denmark. The blind can now use a device about the size of a smartphone to read text for them. Say you wanted to make dinner. Hold the device to scan the container and it will read out loud the instructions in the language you use. It was very rad, dude. 

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