Election Donation Grifts and Money Laundering

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Election Donation Grifts and Money Laundering

James O'Keefe is at it again.

Right now it is in Maryland.

The grift shown so far is the following.

A person donates a small amount to a political action committee. The one O'Keefe focuses on for this sting is a Democratic organization called Act Blue. 

A person donates to Act Blue, often a few times with small amounts. But O'Keefe got official records showing that the person or someone at the person's address donated to Act Blue thousands or tens of thousands of times for a total of a staggering amount. When James asks them about these staggering amounts, these people are shocked.

Essentially, Act Blue looks like it is laundering money and using these unwitting people to clean dirty money without their knowledge.

Also, in addition to cleaning money, they are sending money to specific candidates far from where they live, for example, like Raphael Warnock in Georgia.

The name given to these hapless people is "money mules."


Here is an article about it:

James O’Keefe Strikes Again! O’Keefe Media Group Exposes MASSIVE Democrat Party Money Laundering Scheme in US Elections


In my opinion, a lot of these people are receiving a commission on the money laundered using their names, but I bet far, far, far more don't even realize it. They are patsies and nothing more.

James focused on Maryland this time. But he is putting out a call for "citizen journalists" to do this door-to-door questioning while recording it in all the states of the country. 

So I imagine this is going to be a long thread over time.

Because I don't imagine this grift and money laundering operation is small.

Nor do I imagine it is restricted to one organization or one political party.




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