Introducing the AI, TH and Rand and Others Forum

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Introducing the AI, TH and Rand and Others Forum

We decided to open a new forum here on OL to deal with Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism.

These are two areas that are changing the world and discussions about them keep cropping up in other threads, but have no where to go or grow.

The latest event was comical and it prompted me to open this section.

A newcomer posted in a 2009 thread I revived about questions and he thought I was discussing ChatGPT while I thought he was discussing some weird ideas about how questions don't work on the brain.

See here for the mess. That's where I revived the thread. Then notice how AI without questions became a part of the discussion and the whole thing got mixed up.


I expect new threads in this current AI section to focus on the philosophy behind AI and TH, but also specific programs and techniques. AI in text and image are the biggies right now, but Transhumanism as a driver behind globalism and attempts at a One World Government is also big. What's worse, many of the the same people who are developing AI are developing TH ideas.

How will all this interact with the world and ideas of Ayn Rand and other areas of human life as we know it?

That's up to us to find out.

One thing is for sure. It's all good, at least here in this section.



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