Gail Wynand's threat


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it wasn't just him, it was a collective effort to break me.  I have been battling it for over 4 years & every person that could sold me out.  They've legally taken my career away by fraud, they're using pull to get my voice stifled.

the kicker: the ONLY way out is if Dominique gets vesta Dunning to sell herself out.  As you can see i'm dealing with mentally retarded children who are trying to use every advantage to coerce me into doing what THEY want.
Figured it out: she's going to try to claim intellectual property rights for all of my property (extensive ghost writing)-whether it be that I "stole" something of her's (i didn't) (In fact she's the ghost writer appropriator) and that my success, which has never been in the public eye will never come to light-I will be forced to be a front to someone else's ghost writing-and thus I'll be successful one day "Like everybody else"  stay away from her, she's an insane vegan who has the personality of a bdsm dom who's other goal was to get me to commit an act of vegan terrorism.

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