How is this for Cool? Hamacheck

Michael Stuart Kelly

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How is this for Cool? Hamacheck

Lookee here.

Objectivism is moving out of the entrenched places and into more varied areas of influence.



BitChute aims to put creators first and provide them with a service that they can use to flourish and express their ideas freely.

I don't know anything about Brent Hamacheck, but I like what I have seen and heard here. And I will learn more as I go along.

For now, Brent will be speaking at TAS (details in the article below) and that means he is somehow involved with Jack Posobiec. (It just keeps getting better and better with this guy. :) )

See here:

Human Events' Brent Hamachek to Give Atlas Society Presentation on Objectivist Ethics in Business



‘Productive work was of fundamental importance to Ayn Rand.’


Brent's process of gathering facts before making an opinion is very similar to my own cognitive before normative process, that is, identify correctly before you evaluate.

Also, it looks like Scott Schiff connected this news to Human Events. That means Scott is somehow involved with Brent, if not before, at least now. And I say, hell yeah. Scott was one of the two dudes who interviewed me awhile back (see here). William Swig was the other. btw - Both are great people. They have to be if they interviewed me, right? :) 


Now here is another part I found interesting. Both Mel K and Brent are part of the Zelenko Freedom Foundation. Brent is on the board. That's where they met. 

Dr. Zelenko became famous for concocting a highly effective over-the-counter treatment for COVID that did not involve vaccines or Big Pharma. He unfortunately was sick when the pandemic occurred and passed. Mel K helped continue his work and I am gratified to see a Randian right there in the middle of it.

Also on the board is another freedom fighting woman like Mel K, Ann Vandersteel. I've seen several videos by her and love it when she talks. 

Incidentally, all of these people are either MAGA or strong fellow travelers.

These are my people.

They may not know it since I do not go out to other places much (at least, not until I finish a huge project I am working on), but they are.





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