Sad Day in Brazil - RIP Pelé

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Sad Day in Brazil - RIP Pelé

It is hard to convey just how much this man, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, was venerated in Brazil.

He was the standard all the Brazilian soccer giants who followed tried to live up to.


JUST IN: Brazilian Soccer Legend Pelé Dead at 82


Brazilian soccer legend Pelé has passed away. He was 82. Pelé passed away on Thursday according to his agent, Joe Fraga. AP reported: Pelé, the Brazilian king of soccer who won a record three World Cups and...

It looks like colon cancer along with multiple organ failures were the cause of his passing.

This is not just a sad day for Brazil.

It's a sad day for me, too. Pelé was a symbol to me of the best Brazil had to offer. He was always there during the 32 years I lived in Brazil.

(btw - His coffee, Café Pelé, is pretty good, too, although it was better in the earlier days.)


Here is the video in the article showing some of Pelé's greatest goals.


Talk about balance and grace...


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