It's Coming Around Again - Atlas Shrugged TV Series

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It's Coming Around Again - Atlas Shrugged TV Series

Deadline announced that The Daily Wire will produce a TV series of Atlas Shrugged for its streaming platform, Dailywire+.

You might have noticed that I made a special subforum for it.


The Daily Wire Lines Up Series Adaptation Of Ayn Rand’s Dystopian Novel ‘Atlas Shrugged’


The sprawling novel has been the subject of multiple attempted film and TV versions over the decades.



I wish them well and I expect this to be a better production than the AS movie was.

So far, the press hasn't been too active about this announcement, even here in O-Land at the places I visit. A few people are having a cow because of the religious slant of The Daily Wire, but nothing to jump up and down about.

Incidentally, here on OL, William beat me to talking about this (see here).


I only have a gut feeling so far--this production will not only be better than before, it will have an impact far greater than anyone suspects right now. 

When the movie came out, people were bummed out and afraid due to Big Brother encroachment of Bush and the socialism of Obama. So there was a lot of buzz. Eventually it died down. 

Now things have gotten so bad, especially after a worldwide bioweapon from China, even the dystopia in Atlas Shrugged isn't that scary anymore. So there is nowhere near the buzz of before. At least so far.

However, people are coming more and more around to a mentality of "let's fix this crap for real." Many people in this mentality will watch the series. And if the series is any good, a solid foundation will be laid that will be hard to uproot.


I hold to the idea of metaphysical organizing forms (fractals, holons and so on). There is a fractal that is made up of two basic elements, one I call the orientation or form-making element, and the other is the variable stuff that moves in and around it. (I suppose we could include space itself, but now is not the time for that discussion.)

The essence of a society is formed by certain orientation or form-making elements. Sometimes we call them pillars. The variables come and go. 

It's really hard to construct a social pillar and have it last. But once constructed, it takes a lot to get rid of it. Check out individual rights for one such element. Hugely hostile elements can throw themselves at it and they are like birds slamming into bulletproof windows. They can dirty the pillar, but they can't eliminate it like they can a specific religious sect, for example.

Rand's work--along with a bunch of other ideas relevant to freedom and America--has helped construct a large part of such a pillar. I believe this AS TV series has the potential of being the pile driver that sinks it so deep, it will be indestructible for a long long time.

It will take some time for the pile driver to do its work, this is not an on-off switch, but I have no doubt will keep driving until the pillar is part of the earth. I fully believe that.


You know I have to say something about Trump, too. Right? 


His emergence and the whole MAGA phenomenon were pile drivers in their own right. But they lack the integrated view about reason--the integrated core story--from a lens that cuts deep into the psyche of all people that is only present in Atlas Shrugged, at least so far. I could talk all day about this, but for now, let's just see what happens. We shall know the tree by its fruits, and the branches have not even grown yet, much less leaves and fruit.

I predict that, if the producers and people involved in this TV series don't screw it up, this will be one of the big ones for the world.


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Here are a few links about Atlas Shrugged series adaptation project from around the web. 


I was surprised to see how much I agreed with Yaron Brook on this project.

Brook explains the difference between getting the options to the right and getting the rights themselves. According to him, The Daily Wire secured a one year option on the rights. That means The Daily Wire has one year to study the project and see if it wants to buy the rights at a price set a few days ago. If it finds the project not interesting or not viable during that year, it can walk away and, presumably, only lose the option money. If it goes ahead, it pays for the rights proper.

Brook also thinks the production values will be high if the project goes through, but he does not expect the philosophical values of Objectivism to be highlighted due to the religious conservative nature of the producers. But, he doesn't expect to see anything glaringly against Rand's views. Where the religious views conflict with Rand's views, he expects Rand's views to be watered down. He gave as an example the extramarital relationship between Hank Rearden and Dagny Taggart.

I agree with him on the point, but disagree with him on this example. If the producers have any sense, they will emphasize the emotional parts of the story since emotion is the main thing that sells entertainment. And love, when sincere, deeply felt by the characters and done dramatically, sells. Hell, even mush sells. :) So I doubt they will want to water down a drawing point even through it will not be the Christian view of marriage. :) 

But all in all, Brooks comments were a pleasant surprise.


Here is the announcement from a couple of days ago on the DailyWire+'s YouTube channel.

Nothing new, but it's good to have information from a channel of one of the parties involved.


Here's a beaut:

The Daily Wire Claims Rights to Produce TV Adaptation of Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’


American conservative media company The Daily Wire has secured the rights to develop and produce a series adaptation of Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel, Atlas Shrugged, via Deadline.  The science fiction novel was...

I'm only presenting this one because of a line right near the beginning of the article. The article itself is not bad, but that line is a real beaut.

And it's funny.


The science fiction novel was published in 1957...

Yeah, right. Sort of like how Gone With The Wind was a novel about military strategy.



This happened on Reddit 3 days ago.

Daily Wire Acquires Rights To Atlas Shrugged

The video is fine, but what about the article?

You know, the stuff posted by the person who started the Reddit thread?

Oh, wait...



Well, that didn't go well...

Well well well...



Finally, here's is a pretty decent article from 3 days ago.

The Most Controversial Novel Ever Is Becoming A TV Series


One of the most controversial novels has now been purchased and is set to become a brand-new series on the Daily Wire.

This article gives the basic info from the initial Deadline article and talks up good things about the Atlas Shrugged book.

But then it came out with this doozie at the end.


After several unsuccessful attempts to adapt it for the screen, a film trilogy was released in 2011, starring Taylor Schilling and Samantha Mathis. Two theatrical adaptations have also been staged.

I could nitpick and ask about the third Dagny, Laura Regan...

Was she left out because she pissed off the author of the article? :) 

But wait a minute...

Atlas Shrugged was presented on stage? Like in a theater?


The link goes to here in my browser.


Oh well, the press goanna be what the press gonna be, and the press gonna do what the press gonna do...


That's all I've got for today about the Atlas Shrugged TV series adaptation. There's a lot of repeats out there, but not too many new articles. 

I'm sure some good stuff will be coming before too long.

But based on these results, I'm sure a whole lot more bad and inaccurate and weird stuff will be coming, too.

What a world.

This is going to be fun.



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