I'm gonna show you the only thing I learned from the IN THE FLESH (YES--! LIVING) Gail Wynand


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Talk about your work.
edit: I'll go first

Julia Cameron, author, in The Artist’s Way speaks about a process she calls “The Morning Pages”.  But it doesn’t just have to be art.  My work is architecture, so that just means work.  So I do youtube vids, music, literature, visual art, physics, I make plays with a program called Hollywood High & I’ve finished some scientific work & completed my engineering knowledge (architecture).
Hollywood High is interesting, because I use things to keep myself going.  I always like to keep high energy.  So when I finish a task, instead of sitting down, I smoke a cigarette.  Lemon-Lime Gatorade I find to be stimulating.  When I finish a physics problem beer is especially good.  Taking a shot of hard liquor when my conscious mind is unfocused (I also do this to intuit) [please have a chaser].
My philosophy is focus on the work-the social is the derivative.  So whenever there’s an issue DO NOT THINK OF THE ISSUE-CREATE on a piece of paper (or in your mind if necessary).
Once in a great while you will find yourself, due to social pressures, obsessed with a certain idea AND find you desire to talk to a stranger but you feel controlled due to this personal problem.  I found the solution.  Find stems.  They can be anything from Nathaniel Brandon’s Six Pillars of Self Esteem exercises to the books in the cheap section of Barnes & Noble for instance “3001 Questions all about me” “A Writer’s Year 365 Writing Prompts”  “Complete this drawing”.

Normal people will grab a beer when their internal compass fails.  Pound these stems like a beer until you’ve recovered (THEN POUND A BEER XD HAHA).
I learned personally the most from 4 people.  One being the guy in highschool who got this advice.  The second Gail Wynand.  The third an insanely fast guitarist who played really horrendous music.  The last…Patrick-an applied chemist [Henry Rearden].

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