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An architect is supposed to be the jack of all trades.  The purpose of your life is work so it's the architect's job to KNOW WORK.  This means DOING WORK.
Yes, part of an architect's job is doing sketches to improve your quantum skills, but most of the work is done out of the office.  Physics, music, fiction etc. are the architect's life.  To balance as many careers as possible.  To, as John Galt says, "See for yourself".  The empirical mode.
To create tools.  Artistic tools, scientific tools, philosophical tools.  And to broker as many deals as possible.
I can't speak for John Galt in specifics, but I can say that his job is not the same as Howard Roark's (maybe).  Perhaps in the order that it is done.
For example, John Galt can make an invention & then do a building design to show how he feels-which he gives to Roark to analyze & understand & learn from.

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