Music and Politics - Tim Pool

Michael Stuart Kelly

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Music and Politics - Tim Pool

This story is kinda fun.

Tim Pool, a wildly popular political podcaster, took Andrew Breitbart's statement to heart: Politics is downstream from culture.

Tim put out a song that shot to No. 2 in iTunes and is making waves all over the Internet. The song is called: Only Ever Wanted:


Now it gets hilarious. The left got so butt-hurt about this they are trying to call it butt-rock.

Don't believe me?

Look at this.

How a Far-Right YouTuber Uses ‘Butt Rock’ to Lure in Viewers


This week’s episode of Fever Dreams looks at pro-Trump YouTube star Tim Pool’s new song. Plus, Andy Kroll on the trouble with conspiracy theories.


The issue is the predator class, the left in this case, is starting to lose control over the culture and they are not amused. Tim's not anywhere near far-right, but they have to try to smear what they can.

You see, Tim's song is not political. It's about human connection (love) like most songs are. And people are loving it. In my taste, it's not great, all right on the good side. But his audience thinks it's great and that's the main issue.

The left hates it because he is already way too popular for their comfort, and now, with this song, Tim is going to get younger people looking at him who will then become curious and look at his podcasts.

They are afraid of that.

And there's this. Big bucks were not sunk into that song or video, yet the quality of big-bucks production is there. And Tim is a good marketer. Just look what he did with a podcast.

His view is to make his organization become a cultural production group in addition to news and politics. He is hiring bands and plans on making movies and so on.

I am so happy for him.


btw - I got this from a Styx video where he discusses all this.


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