Postmodern Music Done Right

Michael Stuart Kelly

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Postmodern Music Done Right

I don't like postmodern art except when I do.

The following is a way to do postmodern music right.

Come on, it's cute.



This reminds me of a postmodern work by a Brazilian composer, Gilberto Mendes, I always thought funny. (I performed some of his works as a trombonist and I would see this one at the concerts.)

He once wrote a duet for operatic soprano and weight lifter.

The singer improvised on the soprano melodies of death scenes from different operas and the weight lifter, wearing only a tiny spandex swim suit (in a leopard pattern during one of the concerts I saw), would do his reps with a full set of weights on stage. The guy who usually performed had huge muscles and made no sounds other than iron being put on the floor each time he was done with a set of reps.


That was funny.

Otherwise, Gilberto's music is crap. That's a quip, but it's true. He's now deceased...



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