Rubbish Thrown Out in Maryland

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Rubbish Thrown Out in Maryland

A Maryland judge, Caroline County Circuit Judge Jonathan Newell, was recently going down for pedophilia. He was 50 years old. And he was a Republican.

When confronted by authorities due to an investigation, he chewed up and swallowed an SD card(s) with lewd pictures of kids on it.

When the FBI later came to take him in custody, he shot himself dead.

You can read about this here:


A Maryland judge reportedly killed himself as FBI agents arrived at his home to arrest him for sexually abusing children. Caroline County Circuit Judge Jonathan Newell, 50, was placed on administrative leave in July...


And here:


An Eastern Shore judge, who had been on a leave of absence for more than a month amid an investigation into illicit images of children, took his own life Friday morning as federal agents moved in to arrest him.


And here is the statement from the Justice Department:


At least Maryland now has a slightly cleaner justice system.

But I wonder how slightly...

My doubt goes for all other states as well.


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