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I've recently had the feeling that I was getting better @ what I do & that was improving my art.  But a change occurred in the way I process information.  Kind of like a metaprecept-that it was a check of my precepts against the collective mind & I came out a winner.  Since art is a metaphysical recreation of reason, I can now USE this metaprecept.  To make it more clear I had a deep insecurity that I was missing something.  There was a specific person who unraveled what at the time was an unshakable confidence.  & I used it, I used the insecurity to work to the day that I can make things, not just to beat the collective mind, but to understand it-AND TO USE THE UNDERSTANDING.
And it turned out, the collective mind had never won.  It's really interesting to note that every being that ever lived had to develop their thinking.  An unlimited potential to grow.  The collective mind is just the shattered pieces of the prime mover as far as they were allowed to go before they were murdered.  And the prime mover before you went through the same thing as you because of the prime mover before them.  Am I smarter than Ayn Rand?  Perhaps YES!  Because I inherited her thinking & SHE WAS THE FOUNTAINHEAD!!!!!!!(!)
Thanks for reading!

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