Oh Brave New World - AI Music

Michael Stuart Kelly

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Oh Brave New World - AI Music

The music below was composed by artificial intelligence. 

This is getting scary...

I don't care if it is AI or not.

This is lovely...

btw - The company behind this allows you to sign up for free and monkey around with their software. You can even download 3 tracks a month that you "compose." I signed up just to see and learn and futz around. Also, this can be an excellent tool for generating ideas...

I would never use this program for my own composing, but I would use it for video soundtracks.

Anyone interested, go here: AIVA.


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I like electronic gadgets. I wanted to see if the chording for guitar is accurate. It is. 

Its a phone app. Play any recorded song from Itunes, Spotify, You Tube etc and it gives key recognition, tempo, real time chord charting etc. There are chords constructed using many fingerings, but while I knew a lot of fingerings I sometimes don't know the chord names. And after a 40+ yr pause and losing a fretting joint it was helpful.  

It made sense to me but we'll see if it can save money on tablature and print outs.

There's this site https://www.hooktheory.com/hookpad. It also shows chord progressions for many popular songs. It was helpful after learning major/minor keys and how find complementary chords for song writing in western music.

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