Why Howard Roark is not a hero but Ayn Rand is


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The fountainhead has 4 sections because it shows four work ethics.  Howard Roark IS a hero if his work ethic was creation like in his section.  Sure he might get few commissions at first in real life, but to work full steam.

It would have to be a mystical novel or set thousands of years in advance when men live 300 years to property write the fountainhead, but men would have to live 300 years to write this novel.  The mystical would include time travel.  The sci-fi where wynand is already 250 years old.  The point is, this is a novel that took 9 years to write because it is layered in such a way that it would take 9 years of just working on the novel to work out the nuances.  I have just begun peeling the rind.

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