The Exciting "D" Word Again - 2020

Michael Stuart Kelly

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The Exciting "D" Word Again - 2020

It's that time of year again.

This year, it's a hard time for everyone.

With the shutdowns and everything, my own income has taken a hit. Yet I keep this site going and manning it long hours each day. I believe more than anything right now, and in light of the election coup taking place, it is imperative to provide you and others in our community a small resting place from the onslaught by the mainstream media.

If it looks like I'm selling you hope, that's exactly what I'm doing. We have fought to make things better and we are still doing so. Despite the audacity of the grift and creeping authoritarianism invading our lives, even to the point of being attacked with a virus, we still have hope. And we are still doing something about it--moving forward with ideas, reason, and making things better.

So it is an honor to have you aboard, reading the site and interacting when you do.

This is going to continue no matter what happens.

However, the burden is great right now.

So if you can donate any amount to OL, we would greatly appreciate it, especially at this time.

In this regard, a very special thanks to some very special people. You know who you are. ❤️

Here is how I see it. We have a good thing going here on OL.

In a sense, we are part of a family. Sometimes dysfunctional :) , but still family.

I know we all want the same basic thing: to live in a good world among good people and achieve great things starting from a vision we found in Ayn Rand's works and going, for each of us, to God knows where. In other words, we want to live as humans are supposed to live.

This flame burns in all of us, but it's not a flame that burns automatically these days.

It takes work.

And money.

And no problem if you can't chip in, or hell, if you don't want to. We love you just the same.

But if you can, please chip in. Just click the Donate button at the top of the page (sometimes it doesn't appear, so change pages if that happens) and follow the instructions.

Most of all: 

Thank you for being part of the OL community.

You are awesome...

You matter...


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