omni (a pep talk)


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The mind is all there is, when you put it in the right metaphysical context.  Without the mind we are just animals subject to god.  The godless revolution is essenced in the omni.  The source of all wealth, all personality, the fountainhead of all that you can ever imagine is the mind.  So don't sell out to money, fame, friends, or power.

I used to think I was stupid.  This occurred because of compulsory education.  I used to think I was guilty.  This occurred because of forced-socialization.
You may think that you are those things, but I am living day when the hardest thing to do is to not be productive.  So I thought I'd make this post.  It might be my last (for a while).  Got tons of interesting stuff I can do, with myself as the end, the prime mover of history as the context, and myself as the means.  Happiness is possible.  It is real, it is true, it is your's, reach out your hand & grab it!!!!!!!

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