This Last Upgrade to OL was a Doozy

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7 minutes ago, Jules Troy said:

weee! I found edit function,




Keep going. 

I am almost sure the answer it right at your fingertips.

No way to roll back the site.

Besides, IPB has great security. Even if they would roll back the site (which they won't), the new security measures would roll back, too.

There are a lot of hackers and viruses out there. New ones being grown every day. OL was once taken down by one.

This is one of the reasons I bitch about IPB, but have not switched over to a different platform.


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Hold onto your hats and even shirts this time.

Another upgrade is here. 

This is just part of the notice I received:


Version 4.5.1 Beta 2 of Invision Community is now available

We are pleased to announce that Invision Community 4.5 is now available and packed with new features, enhancements, and even a new look! 

Major New Features / Enhancements

- New Front-End Design
- AdminCP Dark Mode
- Site Statistics, Search Insights, and Club Statistics
- Marketplace now built into the AdminCP
- Mobile App for iOS and Android (Beta)
- Zapier Integration for Invision Cloud Communities

In addition to these new enhancements, there are countless other additions and improvements. 


I gotta do it.

Security and all.

Maybe some of the difficulty caused by the last upgrade will go away.

Hang on.

This might even be fun.

(Yeah, right. :) )


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1 hour ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

Well, the newest new major upgrade done.

Things actually look pretty similar to before.

Let's see when using the forum.

I swtiched all my displays to "dark mode" a couple months back -- after failing to fix the "glasses glare" problem on my little vanity video projects. I like dark mode across the board now on all displays. Mine are generally set to go dark at dusk on cell phone and tablet screens. 

If the newest upgrade is complete, it preserves the "missing menus" issue experienced by Jules and I when on mobile, smaller-screen displays.

This is posted from an LG G6 Android OS in Chrome. The same obtains on an LG tablet (even horizontally) and on an Apple iPad running Safari.

This is a screenshot from the G6, uploaded to using G6's large brain and an app called X-plore. 







Edited by william.scherk
Fixed url/image in desktop version in Firefox Windows 10
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William wrote: I swtiched all my displays to "dark mode" a couple months back -

What? Switiched? Is that a game from Harry Potter, William?


OK, Bullwinkle. Who is going to win the 2020 election?

I predict President Trump, Rocky!

How do you know for sure, Bullwinkle?

Well, to be honest the spirit was Jim Beam, recommended by that pretty lady Mila Kunis!

Who is she?

She’s married to that guy Christopher Ashton Kutcher.


Ah shut up, Rocky.

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Hurricane Laura. The Weather Channel was just reporting at 1:41 am as the hurricane hit land and the female reporter yelled, “Ow!” She turned away from the wind and the camera cut away. I think something struck her in the face or eye.

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On 8/22/2020 at 11:18 AM, Jules Troy said:

Yeah I’m screwed.

Jules, to get to the Inbox on OL while the mobile display is fuxxored, you might add a Bookmark to your phone's home screen.


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